My Top Ten Favorite Reads of 2019

by Kim Patton • December 16, 2019

Why do I read? My primary reason for reading is to become a better writer. The hard part about that is the more that I read, the more I feel that my own writing is inadequate. There are simply thousands of brilliant wordsmiths out there and I am just little old me. But that means […]


Shawna and Lizz

by Kim Patton • July 26, 2019

“Shawna and Lizz host a reading podcast called, “Getting Bookish” and they are delightful! They had me on Episode 17 and we talked for 20ish minutes about my first book as well as the writing process in general. Website:“

10 Resources for Writers

by Kim Patton • May 20, 2019

Writing is a team sport! I can’t survive one day without help from the outside. Sitting at a laptop wrestling with emotions, words, inner-criticism and self-doubt can be exhausting. Here are ten resources that have encouraged me on my writing journey. Ten of my Favorite Resources as a Writer 1. Writing Groups: Two local Writing […]