Million Dollar Baby

by Kim Patton • June 13, 2020

Baby girl is almost four months old and I am no longer in shock that I am a Baby Mama. I was at first. On February 5th, our beautiful birthmother Ashley chose our adoptive family profile, and Eden Renee was born on February 21st. So if you are keeping track, we had about Two Weeks […]

Podcast Episode with Rocky DeStefano, Local Operator of Chick-fil-A

by Kim Patton • May 25, 2020

Rocky Destefano operates two Chick-fil-A restaurants in Clermont and hosts a weekly podcast called, A Server’s Journey. (Instagram- He interviews guests around the subject of leadership and serving others, and invited me on the podcast to talk about infertility and adoption. I interviewed with them on a Thursday morning and Eden Renee was born just 16 hours later! Rocky was […]

The Perfect Poem

by Kim Patton • May 17, 2020

I met Jim on a Saturday morning at the library.  He sat at the corner edge of the table during our writer’s group meeting, and I was a few chairs down to his right. The small library wasn’t very busy, so our group felt comfortable speaking freely about our current writing projects and manuscripts. When it […]

Eden Renee: An Open Adoption Birth Story

by Kim Patton • April 20, 2020

Saturday, February 1st ,2020 My phone blinks in the dark of evening A notification on Facebook says: New Birthmother Situation I click like I have done so many times before Wondering, Is this the one?   Kevin and I have been praying about fostering and adopting since early 2018 After years of an empty womb After […]

Some Kind of Love

by Kim Patton • February 17, 2020

In just a few days, if all goes well with our adoption, Kevin and I will dive headfirst into a new season. We have been watching others play this role and now we follow in the footsteps of many who have gone before.  As our child’s eyes flicker open and we stare into them for […]

Run, Run, Run

by Kim Patton • January 19, 2020

The clock reads 8:30am and my weather app tells me it is a perfect 70 degrees outside. I choose a t-shirt and black capri leggings that stretch past my knees. My favorite black socks are thick and they hug my feet as I pull them on, tiny blue dots on the heel giving a happy […]

Grappling with Loss: My Walk Through the Five Stages of Grief

by Kim Patton • December 16, 2019

A couple of years ago I sat in the backseat of a friend’s car, one hand resting on my suitcase, on the way to the Seminary Wives in Ministry weekend retreat. It was April, and the bluebonnets were blooming in the fields between highway lanes, shooting bursts of purple into the warm Dallas air.  After […]

Daring Greatly: Why I Don’t Regret the Failure of my First Business

by Kim Patton • November 15, 2019

In June 2016, I packed up my notebooks and binders at work and said goodbye to the employer I had worked under for nine months. At home, I set up my office complete with my “new” used laptop, a printer I bought from a yard sale for $5 and parts of an old donated computer […]

Be Brave Anyway

by Kim Patton • October 14, 2019

Jadyn is a petite 13-year-old with long, straight, strawberry blonde hair that sways back and forth from her ponytail when she walks. She is the kind of teen that leaders love because she still gives hugs. She has a sugary sweet smile and laughs at the older boys in our youth group when they shove donuts […]

A Secret of Infertility

by Kim Patton • September 16, 2019

Infertility isn’t like a fever or the flu where your body heats unnaturally and your head pounds like it is being used as a kick drum in a rock band. It’s not a physical illness obvious to others like the red bumps of chickenpox or the dry, rashy skin of eczema. The effects are more subtle, hidden, […]